My Milfaholic Life

With the recent emergence of, I decided to write an article about my life as a Milfaholic and tell you a little bit about my experience with the site. I’m 29 years old so MILF’s aren’t as taboo as they were 10 years ago, but instead they’ve been the best group of NSA sex partners I have. I think there are a few factors that go into my addiction, including:

1. Women are Empowered – When a woman was divorced back in the day, she was shunned by the neighborhood. These days it’s seen as a woman expressing her independence. They aren’t afraid to get out on the prowl right away like a… well… cougar.

2. Staying/Getting in Shape – You can find women in their early 40′s that look live casino sexier than 21 year olds. I’m not just saying that to make some cougars feel better either, I genuinely feel this way. Who wouldn’t want to bang Jennifer Aniston?

3. They are more Sexually Charged – These MILF’s know what they want and aren’t looking to play around. They want sex, they want it now, and I’m here to help.

So I’ve always had success with older ladies, but recently I stumbled upon which is changing my life. I setup a profile and started contacting tons of women. At first I got a few “fakes” but I’m seeing about 1/2 of the women on the site are real.

Just last week I met a woman named Jessica. She’s 41 and divorced with 3 kids. If you saw her walk past, you’d likely be intimidated. She has these piercing eyes and bright blonde hair. She works in marketing and knows how to work it. I saw her profile and thought I was seeing 10 year old pics and didn’t expect to meet up with this sexy woman I was seeing online.

We decided to meet up for drinks at the bar just below my apartment. I live in a younger part of town, but she didn’t care. I said where and she was there. Jessica busted into that bar like a woman possessed. I had just ordered my drink when she approached.

“You Darren from online?”

“Yes ma’am” I said with a cocky smirk

“I don’t like ma’am. It’s miss.”

“Oh, Sorry” I cowered as she went in for the kill.

“Are we going up to your place or what?”

After a brief pause, I lifted my chin up and grabbed her hand. I took her up to apartment and I couldn’t even close the door before she attacked me. She did things I can’t even describe but every bit of it felt so good. Afterwards we didn’t say anything, there was an undiscussed agreement of what this was. I keep her on my phone and she texts me when she’s horny.

RIght now I’m just trying to find 2-3 more Jessica’s on to feed my urges and I will be kept busy. Overall, I see a lot of potential with the site and highly recommend it to anyone who’s willing to send out a few emails.


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