Tokens is not like most of the other adult dating sites I’ve reviewed. MyFreeCams has a totally different model which is good in some ways and bad in others. After my first experience with the site today, I decided to give it a review and let you come up with your own conclusions.

The Good -

You can go straight to the site and once you verify you’re 18 (or over), you have direct access to the main page. Unlike a lot of adult dating sites, you don’t have to jump through a thousand hoops or even setup and account to see the girls.

The girls are hot. Myfreecams is special because it actually has hot girls and once you click on their picture you get the actual girl you just clicked on. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever been to a porn site and clicked on and image, you are usually sent to a totally different site that rarely relates to the image you originally clicked on. Once you’re on the site and you click on the girl you’re interested in, she pops up in the main viewer (and she actually looks like the picture you clicked on).

It is free to browse. If you click around enough, you’ll even see some of the models taking their tops off. I was pleasantly surprised by what I got to see for free within the first 10 minutes on the site.

The Bad -

While it’s free to browse, it’s not free to message with the members. You have to buy tokens and it isn’t cheap either. It looks like tokens are $0.10 a piece and start out in a package of 200 for $20. The models I saw were offering to take their clothes off in private rooms for 100 tokens. DO some quick math and you’ll realize that’s $10 just to get into a private room with one of these girls.

There is no privacy between you and the models. Unless you are a “Premier” member, you are chatting with other dudes trying to get the model’s attention.

The girls probably don’t get paid that well. I read on their FAQ page that they pay their models more than anyone else, but I’ve seen several sources site otherwise. What’s true or not can only be answered by the models, but these kinds of sites are known for paying their models poorly.

Overall -

It’s worth going to and browsing. If you see a model you really like, then buy some tokens. If you decide it’s not you’re thing then it’s easy to leave without spending a dime and that’s

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5 Reasons You should try

Meeting new people whether for friendship, romance or sex is becoming harder by the day due to their day to day busy schedules and conflicting free times. Most people living in big cities especially will find it much easier to find dates, companions or friends via the internet than on the streets, clubs or even work place. Although online dating has a lot of good in it, at times, one may easily get a raw deal out of establishing these kinds of relationships. If you really want to find the best sex sites online, you have to do a little research.

When looking for an online dating site, one ought to be highly critical on which ones are the best to sign up to. Since there are thousands of similar sites out there, you never can never know how credible they can be. According to several reviews done on these dating sites, emerged on the top hence making it one of the best sites to find a real date from.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s advisable to try Myhotbook as your preferred dating site. Some of the reasons why the site is progressively gaining popularity among people of different genders, ages, races and background include:

Online dating for young people:

Although a greater percentage of online dating sites are purposely created to cater for older adults, one can sign up and create a profile on irrespective as to whether they have been in the dating scene before or if it’s their first time. This therefore allows for young people to connect with other young people from different parts of the world and establish dating relationships out of them.

To make this form of online dating effective, members are always advised to post their most recent photos in their profiles to avoid creating confusion. With the right type of photo, one can easily attract the right type of people within their age group.

Most affordable form of meeting singles:

Almost all online dating sites allow their members to sign up and interact with other members for free without having to pay any fees. This is highly advantageous compared to other mainstream dating that usually demand that their members or attendees pay a certain sum of money before being allowed to meet and interact with other singles.


The online time that one may be requested to pay is if they intend to upgrade their membership. But, even during such a scenario, the fees charges are much lesser than what’s charged by dating agencies.

A wide variety of choice:

The greatest of all advantages of online dating is that it allows its members to view through other members profile and choose those they feel that they are compatible with the most. This can never happen in any other dating scene. Myhotbook for instance has over 34 Million active users hence meaning that the chance of one getting the right date is much higher.

Moreover, since there are all sorts of characters in online dating, getting a match is easier. This include is you are looking for a one night stand, real relationship, homosexual relationship or even a fling.


Everyone likes to keep their dirty linen just to themselves. Several Myhotbook reviews have actually proved that this kind of dating is the most discreet and enables its members to do whatever they want without compromising their privacy. Both high profile people as well as the not so prominent can become members and no one will ever find out!

Since online dating sites demand that one log in using a unique username and password, it becomes less likely for anyone to track your presence in these sites. This kind of dating is therefore ideal most especially to well known people who would like to keep the paparazzi off their shoulders as they lead their lives.


Online dating simply means that one can choose to be online or offline at any time of the day or night hence is not limited by time. There are usually thousands of people online all through the clock to chat with. Also, if one has a special interest with a specific person, they can plan on when to ‘meet’ and chat.

Furthermore, one doesn’t have to dress up when preparing to meet their online date. You can simply chat with whoever you want regardless of where you are; whether in the office, kitchen or resting. More importantly is that you don’t have to spend loads of cash on date. Most of the first dates actually take place online and you can always know whether the person on the other side is worth investing in on a real date long before the two of you meet physically.

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Why Adult Dating At Can Be More Interesting Than You Ever Thought

Human beings are social and need to interact in their daily businesses. Everyone needs a friend to feel good and share some intimate moments. That is why it can be devastating for anyone who cannot seem to find a good match. There are many ways through which one can make new friends. In the current setting, there are websites that provide an opportunity for persons interested in relationships to register and get to meet people with similar needs. is one of them.

From the justhookup review posted by people who have had an opportunity to join the group, it is evident that the services offered at this forum go beyond the ordinary dating sites you are used to. It is worth noting that most dating sites simply ask for some cash in return for explicit content that are in many cases not as decent as some people looking for serious relationships may want. For those people looking for a real hookup date, they were generally disappointed. review is important for anyone looking for a good site to build a profile and make new friends. There are numerous groups that one can opt for. You can choose to get in touch with men or women who are single and looking to get into serious relationships with the hope of getting married. There are others who like to have flings on the sides. You will not be left out either. As the name suggests, Justhookup simply indicates that the site is absolutely free to join unlike other sites that charge some fees for membership.

There are many categories that you can join. Once you become a member, you can decide to join one or more groups within the forum. Whether you are a single lady or man looking forward to meeting other singles of the opposite sex but of specific ethnicity, you can easily do it. This is because there are detailed profiles on-site that show the ethnicity of the candidates. In that way, the will provide a good opportunity for match making.

Another good thing according to justhookup review is that the website has world-wide coverage. For this reason, it has members from almost any part of the world you may think of. It also lists events taking place in different places all over the world where it has members. In this manner, it can be interesting to note that you can make new friends and physically meet the friends you make at local events within your area.

For all those who have a burning desire to have a sexual relationship, you certainly have a solution in this site. You will easily find people with similar thoughts. Whether you want to meet adult swingers for real fun or the closest swingers to your area, you should not look any further. As soon as you login to the site, you have a chance to search profiles of many members from different categories to pick the people you like.

As mobile devices become more complicated, the sites’ forum has decided to conform to modern trends. For this reason, you can be able to login to the site through your mobile phone or ipad as well as any other hand held devices. This makes it very easy for you to keep in touch with the friends you make regardless of your location. You can decide to keep regular friends. Just hookup reviews already show that many users are happy to have access to a live data base of the ever growing members even when on the move because of the mobile device compliant version of the site

Justhookup dating reviews can be found in all sorts of places where members who have benefited from the resources available on site have bothered to express their opinions. For anyone who is interested in becoming a member, you can easily read the numerous adult dating reviews before looking at the features offered by justhookup for the sake of comparison. It will be clear that there are far much better features and that is why you find many serious members joining

Besides looking for serious relationships online, there are many people who are simply looking for fun. Others are eager to try out different things. This forum gives you an opportunity to experiment and find out more about friendship, love and sex. You can easily join fun groups where you get members who like having fun in groups. Joining a group is as simple as identifying one that has your kind of preferences and playing your part whenever they have events planned within your local area.

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